Use VoiceMeeter & Reaper for your Media Center Computer's software audio APPs

Use VoiceMeeter & Reaper for your Media Center Computer's software audio APPs

This video shows a software setup using VoiceMeeter and Reaper for routing any and all audio between CABLE TV, FM STEREO, DESKTOP AUDIO, and a USB MICROPHONE, with the ability to apply VST EFFECTS on each audio stream running on a media center computer. (this video is a follow up to this one/l

Reaper will capture the Media Center’s computer sound card in WASAPI EXCLUSIVE MODE.(realtek HD)

VoiceMeeter will bring in 2 more sound cards, to the MEDIA CENTER, a USB MIC and USB LINE INPUT. VoiceMeeter’s A1 audio output, will interface with Reaper via Reaper’s own asio driver, the ReaRoute ASIO driver. VoiceMeeter will also act as an audio relay between the output of all audio tracks on REAPER, to the input of any VOIP app like SKYPE, MUMBLE, DISCORD…also, any recording software like AUDACITY, and even any audio analysis software like BREAKAWAY RTA spectrum analyzer etc….this is achieved by using a 2nd output on each track of reaper, and select the REAROUTE ASIO DRIVER CHANNEL 1,2…VoiceMeeter has an ASIO RETURN feature for any or all of its 3 hardware input channels, in this video demo, the first input channel will act as a receiver of any audio output on any or all reaper tracks – to VoiceMeeter INPUT channel 1,2….also because the VoiceMeeter input 1 channel has the “B” button highlighted, all of Reaper’s audio OUTPUT arrving to the VoiceMeeter INPUT CHANNEL 1, will be passed along to the VoiceMeeter VAIO virtual card. the any APP like SKYPE , MUMBLE, DISCORD, etc…could use for its input sound card, the VoiceMeeter VAIO sound card…you could also broadcast all of the MEDIA CENTER’s AUDIO from all inputs and all outputs to OBS…also, audio analysis software can use the VoiceMeeter VAIO sound card in this setup example to display SPECTRUM ANALYSIS, OSCILLOSCOPE WAVE FORMS, VU METERS etc…
also…recording software like Audacity can use the VoiceMeeter VAIO sound card for its input..and record any and all audio from REAPER.


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