Vintage HP LaserJet II Toner Cartridge Repair – Beautiful Prints

Vintage HP LaserJet II Toner Cartridge Repair – Beautiful Prints

Fixing an HP LaserJet II retro computer printer part 2, toner cartridge repair. We get the printer output looking great by fixing the toner cartridge.

See part one where we get the printer working:

In this video, I fix this vintage printers’ poor print quality. I explore the old toner cartridge and fix the streaking wiper blade. By the end we have this old computer printer printing out beautiful pages.

In a future video I plan to print to it but first, I will need to repair one of my vintage computers (Probably the Osbourne Executive). It seems that early videos will have a lot of retro/vintage 80s technology but rest assured, there is some much older antique and vintage cool old tech to come.

RavenWolf Retro Tech gives you a new vintage tech video each week. From Retro Computing to older tech, such as the 1917 phonograph, 1916 Kilowatt meter & 1972 Tektronix Oscilloscope I have to show you. At RavenWolf Retro Tech we explore & restore vintage technology every week (Once the shop is finished).

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